29th September - 1st October 2023

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Tournament Info

UK Open Tournaments Overview

To play at any of the UK Open tournaments a UK Open main ticket must be purchased. These are £150 and includes 5 cards that can be used with any of the tournaments. Under 18s can enter the tournament for £40 and this includes 5 cards that can be used for any tournament. 14 and under can enter the junior tournament free of charge on Saturday afternoon.

The tournaments at the UK Open consist of open card-based qualifying and match play final rounds and are open to all players attending the event. During open qualifying, each player may purchase as many cards as they like to attempt to qualify for the final rounds. A point system is used to rank each player’s score on each machine. Those who possess the highest ranking cards at the end of qualifying will participate in the match play final rounds. Note, restarting any game is not permitted – to combat this we have a new system in place to detect this those caught restarting a game will be disqualified from that tournament, repeat offenders will be disqualified from the entire event. 

We use Drains Tournament Manager by Karl DeAngelo. A week before the tournament you will be emailed a user ID and PIN (or if you register on the day we will allocate a number and pin for you). If you have a smartphone or tablet it will make your enjoyment of the tournament higher. With DTM you can login to the tournament website and queue for games and analyse your own and your fellow competitors performance. Note it is uncertain if the WIFI will be available free this year. With DTM you select the game you wish to play, you are placed into a queue and when you are next in the queue the scorekeeper will call you. Play your game and when complete put your hand up and a scorekeeper will take your score. At the end of a card you can tell the scorekeeper to submit the card or void it (note once a card is voided thats it its gone). If you are unable to queue, check that you are logged in, then cheque if you have any cards left. Cards can be bought at the front desk. 

In the final rounds, qualifying players play against each other in multiplayer games. A [different] point system is used to determine who advances to the next round and, ultimately, who wins the division. Full description of the formats can be found at the schedule section of the UK Open website. Once the final is completed we will hand out the trophies for that event. 

Please note this year no food is permitted in the main pinball area

Drinks are fine we will also have bottles of water for sale at the main desk. 

Also the outside area at the rear of the room is off limits to everyone, we will have a zero tolerance policy on this and anyone found there will be asked to leave the event. This is a restriction the hotel has set and we will lose a holding deposit.



Ticket purchases will open up Saturday 1st July  @ 5pm BST (12pm Eastern 6pm EU) for general sales on Ticket Tailor Tickets are not transferable.

  • 2023 UK Open Hero’s Package – includes entry for all three days, Ltd T-shirt and Lanyard, 5 Cards for any tournament – £150
  • 2023 UK Open Super Hero Volunteer’s Package – includes entry for all three days, Ltd T-shirt and Lanyard, 5 Cards for any tournament and access to the 2 hour volunteer qualifying segment – Note – this requires you to complete a 2 hour scorekeeping session, if you do not complete this we will vacate your tournament results. £100
  • 2023 UK Open Kids Package – Includes entry for all three days, Ltd T-shirt and Lanyard, 5 Cards for any tournament – £40

Cards for each tournament can be bought for £5 for one or £40 for ten.

Refunds will be available until the 31st of August minus any banking or ticket fees, after this no refunds will be available and tickets are not transferable. Unplayed cards will not be refunded so please plan accordingly. 

The full UK Open rules are based on INDISC and IFPAPA rules and can be read on the UK Open website under the Rules section. Tournament directors decision is final.